Message from the President

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,


As you may already know by now, Malacañang has suspended work in all government offices as well as classes in all public schools tomorrow, September 21, 2017.

We at Ateneo de Iloilo - Santa Maria Catholic School shall continue with our classes tomorrow as usual.  We shall also use this day as an opportunity to continue to remember and learn the atrocities of Martial Law perpetuated by the Marcos Regime so that we may know how to prevent them from happening again.  The Social Studies Programs of our GS, JHS and SHS units have prepared various fora for this purpose. I encourage everyone to join and participate in these activities.  

As a Jesuit and Catholic School, let us use this day as an opportunity in exercising our sacred duty and mission to form our students to uphold justice as an integral dimension  and concrete expression of our Christian faith. 

In omnibus amare et servire,


Fr. Joseph Y. Haw, S.J.


JourKnows Writeshop Held in Iloilo

In an advocacy to continually develop the talents of promising students across Panay, the Ateneo de Iloilo-Santa Maria Catholic School Alumni Association (AAA) held a three-day journalism seminar dubbed as “JourKnows 2015 2.0: Journalism for Everyone ” last October 27 to 29, 2015 at the Ateneo de Iloilo Gym. Over 300 students from Grade 4 to Grade 10 from different schools and universities in Iloilo and nearby provinces joined the activity.

The workshop started with a brief program where each speaker was introduced. Enthusiastic participants were also warmly welcomed by AAA President Mr. Jake Borres in his opening remark.

Renowned journalists from Manila shared their thoughts with our young writers: 

Roderick G. Tan is a commercial and editorial photographer at Certified Positive. He is the JourKnows 2015 Organizing Chair. He talked about Photojournalism and had budding photographers do street photography in the public market.


Ateneo de Iloilo takes Chinese standardized test

Fivehundred Ateneans are all set to take the standardized test in Chinese language today, October 17, at the Ateneo de Iloilo-Santa Maria Catholic School Gym in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

The examinees--all coming from Grades 3, 5, and 8--will take the Chinese proficiency tests (HSK and YCT) that will be administered by Hanban, an agency of the China government. This is the school's third year of testing as part of its benchmarking initiative on standard Chinese language proficiency. 

ADI-SMCS is the only Jesuit Chinese-Filipino school in Western Visayas. Founded by the Jesuit missionaries from China, the school is set to celebrate its 60th diamond jubilee in 2018. /(Herman Lagon/Magis)

Laser Tag

(Speech delivered by Dr. Herman M. Lagon, ADI-SMCS High School Associate Principal, during the Teachers’ Day Celebration—Araw ng Parangal before his fellow administrators, faculty and staff, October 2 at Smallville 21, Iloilo City.)

Before I start, let me humbly ask you all one simple question that perhaps you have been asked before: Why are you still in Ateneo?

The question may be mundane to some yet it resonates the very essence why I have at least 15 different kinds of Get-Blued Ateneo shirts in my closet right now.

Yesterday I wore my newest Ateneo shirt that says “Simple is better—Pope Francis” during the Teachers Appreciation Day. That afternoon, the same tee became witness to one of the most fun-filled activities in my 15 years of stay here in school—the Laser Tag.

All of us, save two, were totally new to the game. We were grouped into 8 with 5 in each team. The objective is simple. Using a laser gun, shoot your opponents and avoid being shot at. Once you enter the fog-covered pitch black, acre-wide, maze-filled firing range, the sci-fi battle begins. What happened in the next 20 minutes of the Star Trek-like combat was ballistic. It was perfectly riotous. It was as if we were in the virtual world of Battlestrike, only that the combat simulation is highly realistic and physically-interactive. Each group, with members wearing helmet and body armor, had its own battle plan trying to get the best stronghold. Screams were heard here and there. There was swift crisscrossing of snipers and troopers from one camp to another. Infrared-emitting laser light rained everywhere, you wouldn’t even know who and what hit you. The automated gadget we wore chirped “never give up” when we got hit. Occasionally, it told us “good job” if we hit someone.


Saturday, September 23, 2017





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