Angel Grace P. Sulit

Grade & Section: 7 Resilience

Position to run for: Grade 8 Representative

Party: PMA

Why  am I running for the Student Council?: My own definition of leadership is this: It is the capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose. A great leader has a character who is able to inspire others and lead them with confidence but also with dignity. I am running for the Grade 8 Representative ,because of my passion to serve others , my own will to serve the school ,my teachers, and  my fellow ateneans especially my batch mates. I also believe that I possess the traits of a good leader with me and through being a member of the SC, I will be able to mold myself not only becoming a leader but also a good model to others and to be a better individual.

Other facts about me, my achievements and the activities I involved myself in:

*Service award

*Honorable Mention

*Vice President of Junior Student Council (sy 2015-2016)               

*Vice President of Grdae 5 Colombiere

*JSC member since Grade 5

*Volunteer of the project ATREEneo

*President of Grdae 7 resilience

*Champion in Filipino Declamation

*Leadership Development Program Training

*Volunteer of Blue Spoon feeding Program

* Participated in First aid training 

*Vice President in Squirettes of Mary Immaculate

*Participated in Golden Pen Awards

Wednesday, February 21, 2018



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