Roana Louise J. Brodit


Grade & Section: 8 Honesty

Position to run for: Grade 9 Representative

Party: PMA

Why  am I running for the Student Council?: I aspire to be part of the student council because i want to become a better leader and Atenean as well. I wish to contribute my talent, skills, and positivity to make Ateneo the ideal school to develop and nurture well-rounded personalities. i aim to promote equal opportunities for everyone so that they could voice out their own opinions on issues concerning them. lastly, i hope to share my optimism with the council so that together we could face all those obstacles hand in hand. 

Other facts about me, my achievements and the activities I involved myself in: Other facts:

*I am an outgoing person

*I like to look at the brighter things in life

*I am open to listen to your suggestions or any topic that you want.


*Graduated Honorable Mention (ADI-SMCS Elementary)

*Silver medalist - Badminton doubles ISSA 2014

*Golden Pen 2014 - Runner up news sportswriting

*Homeroom officer: 

Grade 7 - Asst. treasurer 

Grade 8 - Treasurer

*Joined the Kaakbay leadership training 2015, the RCY Leadership Development Program training, and the RCY First Aid Training

*Red Cross Youth member since grade 7

*Volunteered for the Freshman Orientation 2016

*Tour guide during the Pueblo Science Fair

*Golden Pen Awards 2016: Runner Up - Editorial and Sports Writing

*Grade 8 1st Trimester & 2nd trimester - Honor Student

Wednesday, February 21, 2018



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