Jan Raphael S. Geonanga

Grade & Section: 7 Courage

Position to run for: Grade 8 Representative

Party: KAISA

Why am I running for the Student Council?:

"Do more for the greater glory of God." This phrase inspired me and changed my whole life as an Atenean. I am running for the Student Council because I want to have the opportunity to voice out my fellow Grade 8 students' opinions and ideas and I don't want these to be ignored. I want to make a huge difference in a way the I can stand up for my Grade 8 fellow students' right and dignity by taking action immediately. Last but not the least is, I have what it takes to serve and become a role model for my fellow batchmates because I am capable of being a leader and I will do my best in this position that there will be positive outcomes. Magis will always be in my mind because I know that I will do more and be more.

Other facts about me, my achievements and the activities I involved myself in:

1. With honors since grades 1-6.

2. I was the class treasurer in grade 4.

3. I was the class secretary in grade 6.

4. I've joined Junior Student Council and had the chance to be the secretary.

5. I had the chance to be and Ignatian staffer who edits the yearbook before publishing.

6. I represented the school in the PRISAA Spelling bee contest.

7. I joined a leadership training when I was in grade 4.

8. I like calligraphy very much.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018



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