Bea Bianca A. Delmo

Grade & Section: 8 Temperance

Position to run for: Vice President

Party: KAISA

Why  am I running for the Student Council?: 

There's an igniting love and passion for service and commitment inside of me. It has always been my desire to lead my fellow Ateneans in the right path of reaching out to others. Thus, more learnings ahead of me will be unlocked and the chains of my goals will be made broken. In this way, I can live out what Ateneo is teaching us — magis. I express doing more than what's just enough through serving our school; giving back what it truly deserves for creating a better than best version of me. Magis, always. Ad Majorem dei Gloriam.

Other facts about me, my achievements and the activities I involved myself in: 

-Class VP from grades 4 to 6

-Part of the Junior Student Council from grades 4 to 6

- Assistant Secretary of the Junior Student Council in grade 5

- VP of the Junior Student Council in grade 6

-Honor Student in GS

-Received Leadership and Character awards upon graduating

-2nd Honors upon graduating

-Class President in Grade 7

-Grade 7 Representative of the Student Council '15-'16

-Auditor of the Student Council '16'-'17

-Have joined several leadership trainings

-Honor Student in HS since 1st Trimester of Grade 7 



Wednesday, February 21, 2018



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