Message from the President

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,


As you may already know by now, Malacañang has suspended work in all government offices as well as classes in all public schools tomorrow, September 21, 2017.

We at Ateneo de Iloilo - Santa Maria Catholic School shall continue with our classes tomorrow as usual.  We shall also use this day as an opportunity to continue to remember and learn the atrocities of Martial Law perpetuated by the Marcos Regime so that we may know how to prevent them from happening again.  The Social Studies Programs of our GS, JHS and SHS units have prepared various fora for this purpose. I encourage everyone to join and participate in these activities.  

As a Jesuit and Catholic School, let us use this day as an opportunity in exercising our sacred duty and mission to form our students to uphold justice as an integral dimension  and concrete expression of our Christian faith. 

In omnibus amare et servire,


Fr. Joseph Y. Haw, S.J.


Learning Cycles and Grading Periods

ADI-SMCS employs a 6-day learning cycle for Prep and Kinder up to Grade 10.  Program of studies are spread over 6 days (not including Saturday and Sunday) in one learning cycle instead of the standard five days or Monday to Friday learning cycle. This allows for a shorter number of subjects to be taken within a day such that the learners are able to explore individual learning and other activities. Since the Philippines is often visited by typhoons, class suspensions are inevitable. The 6-day learning cycle allows for proper adjustment of days so that no subject is missed whenever a school day is cancelled. 

A trimestral system or a school year with three grading period is implemented from Prep up to Grade 10. 

The Senior High School (Grades 11 - 12) follows the usual Monday to Friday schedule using a semestral system. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017



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