Learning Cycles and Grading Periods

ADI-SMCS employs a 6-day learning cycle for Prep and Kinder up to Grade 10.  Program of studies are spread over 6 days (not including Saturday and Sunday) in one learning cycle instead of the standard five days or Monday to Friday learning cycle. This allows for a shorter number of subjects to be taken within a day such that the learners are able to explore individual learning and other activities. Since the Philippines is often visited by typhoons, class suspensions are inevitable. The 6-day learning cycle allows for proper adjustment of days so that no subject is missed whenever a school day is cancelled. 

A trimestral system or a school year with three grading period is implemented from Prep up to Grade 10. 

The Senior High School (Grades 11 - 12) follows the usual Monday to Friday schedule using a semestral system. 

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