1.During the enrolment schedule, the student/parent/guardian shall submit the requirements to the Office of the Registrar as pre-requisite for the issuance of Registration Form. These requirements are the following:

a.For New Students (to be submitted to the Office as part of the child’s records):

1. ) Original Report Card (Form 138) which indicates the Learner’s Reference Number and signed by the Principal/Registrar.

2.) If the student comes from a school outside of the Philippines, he/she shall be required instead to submit an original copy of complete academic records with English translation and duly-authenticated by the Philippine Embassy from the country of origin. If this cannot be submitted during enrolment, the student will still be allowed to enrol on a provisional status until the above requirement is complied with within the school year.

3.) Clear photocopy of Birth Certificate printed in Security Paper issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

b.For Old Students, the original report card (Form 138) is to be presented to the Office for cancellation. It shall be returned to the student/parent/guardian immediately afterwards.

2.If the above requirements are complete, the Records Clerk shall issue the Registration Form (Registrar’s Form 5001) to the student/parent/guardian.

3.The student/parent/guardian shall fill-out the form. For old students, the form already contains the information which they have submitted last enrolment. They only need to update the information written on it.

4.After filling-out the form, they shall proceed to the Cashier for the payment of fees.

5.The student/parent/guardian shall return the Registration Form to the Office of the Registrar for countersigning and filing purposes. The student’s copy of the form shall be detached and will be issued to the student/parent/guardian as their copy of the Registration Form and as proof of their enrolment.


Thursday, February 22, 2018



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