Message from the President

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,


As you may already know by now, Malacañang has suspended work in all government offices as well as classes in all public schools tomorrow, September 21, 2017.

We at Ateneo de Iloilo - Santa Maria Catholic School shall continue with our classes tomorrow as usual.  We shall also use this day as an opportunity to continue to remember and learn the atrocities of Martial Law perpetuated by the Marcos Regime so that we may know how to prevent them from happening again.  The Social Studies Programs of our GS, JHS and SHS units have prepared various fora for this purpose. I encourage everyone to join and participate in these activities.  

As a Jesuit and Catholic School, let us use this day as an opportunity in exercising our sacred duty and mission to form our students to uphold justice as an integral dimension  and concrete expression of our Christian faith. 

In omnibus amare et servire,


Fr. Joseph Y. Haw, S.J.


HS has 2 associate principals

IN ORDER to give focus on the relatively distinct thrusts of the Junior High School (JHS) and the newly-installed Senior High School (SHS), the administration has assigned two associate principals for the job.

From the circular inked by school president Fr. Joseph Haw, SJ, Dr. Herman Lagon is now assigned to take charge with the SHS, leaving behind his former position as associate principal for JHS to former mathematics teacher Michel Guevara. Both will be teaming up with high school principal Rosario Dordas to rally the HS Department.

Apparently, the decision of Fr. Haw, in consultation with the different stakeholders of the school, was a response to the need of making sure that the quality of services to be rendered to students is relentlessly cultivated in both the JHS and SHS programs.

Fr. Jhaw said: “I’m quite excited about the newly-formed partnership. I think Ma’am Sarry (Dordas) and Sir H (Lagon) did well in their (previous) administration. And I expect a better performance with the addition of Sir Mike (Guevara).”


Lagon, for his part, said that the JHS will be in good hands with Guevara while he ventures out to the “exciting unknown” he called the SHS.

“I have already given him all the necessary documents and advice he needed in order to smoothly adapt to his new assignment. For two years, our offices had literally been side-by-side as he (Guevara) was then the Student Activity Program Coordinator and I, the newly appointed JHS Associate Principal,” said Lagon.

Lagon, a licensed civil engineer and physics teacher, is a graduate of PhD in Science Education Major in Mathematics degree in West Visayas State University under a DOST scholarship. On the other hand, Guevara, a licensed math teacher and also a former DOST scholar, is currently finishing his PhD in Curriculum Development degree in the same school.

Aside from the new top administration arrangement, there are also movements in the assignments of teachers. Five former JHS teachers are now part of the SHS program, namely: Filipino teacher Jane Panes, English teacher Arianne Agnes Lao, Physical Education Teacher Dave Francis Moreno, Math teacher Faye Margaret Fantilanan, and Computer teacher Jeffrey June Guirhem. Former members of the Ateneo faculty, Tyza Arenga (Science) and Keith Lester Mallorca (Math), will now be joining the SHS faculty as well. 

In effect, English teacher Sharon Natonton will now be taking over the subject area supervisory job in English in lieu of Lao who is now taking the teaching leadership role in the SHS.

 “The SHS is a new frontier that is very challenging to explore,” Lagon said, adding, “I am truly motivated that I will partner with my SHS colleagues who seem to be colorful strands of different textures that form a beautiful SHS tapestry.” 

“I also see an exciting JHS in the offing as we continue to form young leaders who pursue excellence ignited by love and service.”/Ripples by: Erica Mary Gillian L. Bulaclac



Saturday, September 23, 2017





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