What is education to you?

It is more than an end in itself.

This is how I describe in gist what education is to me. When I started teaching 15 years ago, I taught in the belief that acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and values is enough. Years later, I realized that it isn't.

A Jesuit priest once said, "education is forming men and women for others." To me, his words wereelegantly phrased. For what is education without a purpose or meaning? What is education if it is not for and with others?

The pursuit for intellectual development to the full measure of God-given talents rightly remains vital. However, if this simply means to amass a store of information or preparation for a profession, then it isn't enough. It isn't worth it in the light of genuine social justice and moral transformation.


I say this with a closed fist raised up high: education is a platform of forming persons to be well-rounded, intellectually competent, open for growth, passionate, and committed to doing justice in generous service to the people of God. It is, therefore, geared towards forming leaders in service, in action, in imitation of Christ Jesus, men and women who are allergic to mediocrity and who do not cease to do more and to be more.

Education calls for human, not just academic, excellence. And, in effect, it is a process of becoming that never ends.

AMDG+ /By Herman Lagon

Wednesday, February 21, 2018



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